Saturday, May 18, 2013

IF Campaign - Global hunger crisis


Okay hari ni godek2 kat youtube terjumpa lah satu video ni yg agak menarik perhatian aku...

please watch this first ;)

so how was it?
Don't you feel fortunate because we can still eat rice twice or more daily?
for breakfast they only had a black tea..

and lunch they ate cassava, a combination of flour and water that is heated..oh my they are lack of nutrition...
and only if they are lucky, they will have a dinner.. 

How could they survive?
Two hundred and sixty kids are dead due to hunger every hour!

The issues due to taxes in poor countries by a big company..
the farmers are being forced off..
they should use the crops to feed their family..not for fuel cars!

I want to sign up for this campaign petition..but its only for UK's this is all I can do..spread the news!
I will support you guys!!

Oh the BIG event will be on 8th June at Hyde Park, London..
Anyone around the region, please participate on behalf of me..=D

For more information, click here Enough Food for Everyone IF Campaign 

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