Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Adventure | Mount Kinabalu


April 2017

I've always wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and climb Mount Kinabalu is one of it.

Most of my family members and friends would never imagine me to do this kind of activities due to my personality.  I'm a shy and soft-spoken person. Also, I had to face some negative comments like...
"I don't think you have strength to be there"
"Are you sure you want to climb Mt. Kinabalu? Even Broga Hill you look like you're out of breath"
"Will you make it to the top?"

All these comments don't make me down but in other way it actually motivates me. My courage always rise when every attempt to intimidate me.

I had the opportunity to hike Mt. Kinabalu with my university friend, Siti. I registered months before with the help of Kak Salwa that I knew through my university friend. Mt. Kinabalu is the highest peak in South East Asia and we need to be prepared physically and mentally. Reading other people experience and do some research about the route, technique, suitable clothes and equipment really helps me a lot.
A short briefing by Malim Gunung before hike

Its advisable to bring only a small bag during hike. What I bring in my bag?

A pair of clean hiking shirt and pants -- but I don't use it because I don't shower at Laban Rata
A pair of clean socks -- easy for me to do my prayer
2L Hiking hydration bladder -- to prevent dehydration
Snickers -- energy bar to keep me energized
Headlamp -- prepared for hike at 3am
Walking sticks -- I rent it before hike
Altitude sickness pills

Do not wear any cotton materials. Make sure your windbreaker and gloves are water resistant, breathable and super lightweight so its easier to hike.

Mt Kinabalu are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site not because of the height 4,095m, but the real treasure are its high density of endemic flora & fauna. There are two different trails to the peak, Timpohon trail are easier and faster while Mesilau are slightly longer but the view along this trail are much more beautiful. However, Mesilau trail are closed indefinitely due to inaccessible path which damaged much more severely by the earthquake on 2015 as compared to Timpohon trail.

Kak Salwa in front of Timpohon gate
Thus, at 7 a.m. we start our adventure using Timpohon trail with a total of 24 people in a group including 4 of our Malim Gunung. Overall, the trail was quite easy with a wooden stairs and there is also a checkpoint hut every 1 kilometer with benches to rest and enjoy the scenery.

After 6 km of hiking, I reach Laban Rata around 3 p.m. and had my lunch at the cafeteria buffet. The food is delicious, you just named it everything from nasi lemak to english breakfast all are served and we can have everything since its included in our entrance fee.

The view at Laban Rata
After our feast, I had some rest at the lodge and get ready for summit climb tomorrow morning. Woke up at 3 am and straight went to the cafeteria for a super early breakfast. I ate my altitude sickness pills after my meal and met our guide who was waiting outside for us and other 100 plus hikers for a briefing. I left my bag at the lodge and only took a small water bottle, snickers, double my socks, wear my headlamp, my gloves, my windbreaker and not to forget walking sticks. The trail to the summit was steep but it was made easier with a ropes to hang on to and our Malim Gunung really help me a lot during my summit climb.

Dark, windy and cold weather with minimal oxygen makes me hard to breath and this time it really test me mentally. We need to be extra careful and at the same time rushed to the checkpoint before 5a.m. If not, we can't proceed to the summit and need to descend back to Laban Rata. After 3 hours, I reached the top and had some snickers first before taking a picture because I don't even have energy for that.
Took a picture with three quarter of the team that make it to the top

Finally with Siti

We heading down to Laban Rata and had our meal first before packing our stuff to descend. I took many pictures when descending because its more beautiful since lighting is good. Walking sticks really helped me when descending, the hardest part for me are descending from Laban Rata to Timpohon gate because the trail are stairs and I need descend on 1000 plus stairs for about 6 hours. I can't feel my legs after that 6 hours. This last for a week and I need to descend backwards for any stairs after this adventure.


So I make a short video about my adventure. You guys can take a look more about my adventure on my Youtube Channel ---> Aai

Now its time to be in reality and do my work.

Monday, February 19, 2018

My Eczema Skin Routine


What should I do with eczema? How to treat it? How to live with it?

Well, I was born with eczema.  I don,t have any memories of having a healthier skin in my childhood. To be honest when i'm younger, I thought eczema will be vanished and cured when I reach adulthood. But. It's never happened. And I believe It won't happened.

There's is no treatment to heal eczema permanently. I have tried everything, in and out from clinic to the hospital but the doctors gave me the same medicine, same pills and lotion which only slow down the irritation.

To be honest, until today I still live with eczema. But now I know how handle it and what kind of products can heal 80% of my skin.

Okay let me straight to the point

Did you realize actually your surrounding will effect your skin? Well it actually does.
The first thing that I find out is our shower cream. Yes, the soap that we used.
If you use antibacterial body wash, protection from gems and antiseptic soap. Please STOP USING IT!

This product is actually good for people with a normal skin but not with people having an eczema or sensitive skin because it will make your skin DRIER which will lead to RASHES and IRRITATION. These are some of the popular brand.

 Image result for dettolImage result for lifebuoyImage result for antibacterial soap

So what kind of product should we buy then?
I would suggest any soap or body wash that didn't claim they are ANTIBACTERIAL BODY WASH on the bottle. For instance, Shokubutsu Orange and Seaweed Body Foam. This is my favorite body wash due to its fresh orange fragrance.

Image result for shokubutsu

Secondly, make sure your surrounding is CLEAN. Always clean your bed sheets, your room and your workplace, do laundry and STAY AWAY FROM DUSTY PLACE.

Last but not least, I will apply Murozin Oitnment on my affected skin before off to bed. You can purchase this ointment in the nearest pharmacy.

So this is my skin condition after revamp my daily skin routine. Its getting better and my skin are not itchy at all. I promise you guys its gonna work. I'm not saying this routine will 100%  cure the eczema but I believe it will slow down the irritation and make your life happier.
I really hope this post gonna be beneficial for you guys.

Thank you for reading this entry.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

10 tanda anda bakal menjadi mangsa penipuan dalam peluang pekerjaan


Aku berniat untuk menulis tentang job scam ini untuk membuka mata kepada semua fresh graduate di luar sana supaya lebih berhati-hati. Aku salah seorang fresh graduate yang terlalu berusaha dan mengharap dapat pekerjaan secepat mungkin. Tapi aku menjadi mangsa penipuan dan aku juga akan ceritakan pengalaman ditipu oleh sebuah syarikat besar dari luar negara.

Ok jadi ini adalah antara tanda-tanda job offer yang kalian dapat detect ianya adalah scam!

1. Tidak perlukan pengalaman

2. Gaji yang diberi terlampau lumayan

3. Anda perlukan gunakan duit sendiri

4. Anda mendapat pekerjaan dengan mudah

5. Emel yang digunakan bukan dari company tersebut

6. IM interview

7. Info diri

8. Borang tidak lengkap atau salah ejaan

9. Perlu bertindak dengan segera (asap)

10. Anda perlu bayar untuk jawatan tersebut

Pengalaman aku:

Aku memohon pekerjaan di salah sebuah syarikat yang terletak di Dubai melalui link yang kawan aku share. Selepas seminggu aku apply, aku dapat good response dari syarikat tersebut. 

Tapi aku jadi suspicious sebab kawan aku pun dapat offer job yang sama sebab kami apply position yang sama. At the same time aku pelik sebab senang sangat dia terima aku tanpa sebarang temu duga. Ini antara tanda-tanda yang akau rasa aku ditipu. So take note ya!

1. terlalu mudah dapat offer job tanpa sebarang temu duga

2. Email yang digunakan bukan tetapi
contohnya nama syarikat rampco oil. sepatutnya email selalu seperti ni tetapi yang aku terima

3. Kawan aku juga dapat offer untuk position yang sama di syarikat yang sama

4. Gaji yang diberi terlampau lumayan. Memang gaji yang mereka offer mostly untuk orang yang dah kerja dan ada experience 10 tahun.

Jadi, apa yang kami buat?

Kami reserach dan google tentang orang yang handle kami ni. Guess what?
Lelaki ni rupanya scammer dan dia menggunakan nama syarikat lain untuk attract fresh graduate terutamanya dari luar negara macam kami yang sangat naif.


Alhamdulillah kami dapat figure out kami ditipu sebelum berangkat ke Dubai.

So beware everyone. Take my experience as a lesson for you guys in finding jobs.

Good Luck

Thank you for reading this entry =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ending my 2016 with IELTS test

Hello and Assalamualaikum guys,

Its almost the end of year 2016, it have been ups and down for me and I can't thank enough for all the lessons. To be honest I have never set a goals each year and i think i don't even need one. I think we should accept anything and stop complaining, just follow the flow and you will find where you will be in the future. I was wrong. Indeed I am a failure as a human being, a student, a daughter, a sister and a slave to The Almighty God.

I get it now, after gone through my 'dark time'. Its actually very important to set a goals in our life. As I can see goals will keep me on track, change the insurmountable mountains into a walkable hills, make me believe in myself and help me live life to the fullest. So 2017, Lets do this!

So I am planning to further my postgraduate level in United Kingdom. I think its everyone dreams to study abroad and I hope I get the chance to be there next year. There's a few goals that i listed for 2017, and studying in UK is one of it.

I have been accepted into three different universities which is University of Aberdeen, University of South Wales and University of Birmingham with a conditional offer. One of the requirements that i need to meet before accepting this offer is to achieve a good band score for English Language. So I decided to take an IELTS test. I need to be all out and do my best since the cost is about RM795.00 including GST. Its expensive! This is the main reason I need to study hard and meet their requirements band score.

I just had my speaking test yesterday and its so abysmal and i don't really want to talk about it. But I'd like to share my speaking test question with you guys. So here you go.

Part 1
1. Are u working or studying?
2. What kind of job u are doing?
3. Do you like to work in a group or alone?
4. Do you like singing?
5. Do you think people in your country is fond of singing?
6. Are advertisement been used widely in your country?
7. Will you buy any item by watching the advertisement in TV?
8. Do you think the advertisement work very well?

Part 2
Describe a situation that changed your life
You should say
-Who is involved?
-When it happened?
-Why it changed you life?

Part 3
1. Can u accept changes in your life?
2. What is social changes happened in your country?
3. How do you think younger generation and older generation react with social changes?
4. Will there be any changes in the future?
And maybe 7 or 8 more question. I'm sorry guys that's all I can remember for part 3. The examiner kept on interrupting me when i'm still talking to response the previous question. My brain is not fast enough to received the information and response immediately. I need time to think. But she kept on asking question over and over again acting like a police interrogation.

After the test, I bumped into a Chinese girl in the elevator and asking her about the test. She had the same situation with me. Been interrupted  She said it was different a few years ago, they didn't interrupt in part 3. The examiner will listen carefully until we conclude our response. I don't know whether only the two of us being treated that way or it goes the same with other candidates. Maybe they just changed the system in 2016 to test how fast generation Y's brain process the information and answer it without thinking deeply. I think I did my very best, so just pray for a better results. Leave the rest to god. Now its time to focus on my written test that will be on this Saturday. I'll share my experience with you guys later.

Thank you for reading this entry =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My DIY beaded blouse


Yuhuu post aku asyik diy je buat masa ni. iyelah memandangkan aku free sangat, so nilah kerja aku.
So kali ni aku gunakan je lebihan beads yang aku beli untuk buat DIY kasut raya tempoh hari.

Aku ada lah jugak refer instagram untuk tengok design2 yang dah sedia ada.
Dan aku terjumpa satu design yang agak simple tapi still cantik. Tapiiiiii aku memang tak tiru 100% apa yang aku suka tu. Aku selalu jadikan setiap gambar yang aku jumpa tu sebagai inspirasi dan memberikan aku idea sendiri untuk design mengikut cita rasa aku.

So Alhamdulillah, aku berjaya siapkan menjahit beads dekat baju ni dalam masa 2 hari sahaja!
DUA HARI YA...sampai sakit belakang aku sebab asyik membongkok je nk menjahit.

Tak sangka susah jugak menjahit beads ni, nampak je macam senang.
Kadang2 dah masukan jadi senget pulak sampai berubah2 design tu sebab tak menjadi masa menjahit, so aku try adjust beads tu asalkan ada design. Jadi tak hairanlah kalau baju beaded dekat butik2 tu mahal. Memang padanlah dengan kepenatan dan titik peluh tukang jahit beads ni.

Okay inilah Cape blouse aku yang kosong dan kemudiannya dihiasi dengan beads. 
Design hasil tangan aku sendiri =)
Walaupun tak adalah cantik mana pun, tapi aku gembira dapat siapkan dalam masa yang sekejap. Sebab aku ada tabiat menangguh2kan bila dah start buat sesuatu.
Tak sangka dapat siapkan dengan penuh kesabaran dan mengambil masa hanya 2 hari untuk disiapkan. Pecah rekod tau untuk diri sendiri. 
Good job to me =P

haa inilah dia bahagian yang aku nak buat design lain tapi tak menjadi seperti yang aku nak bila dah start menjahit beads tu. So aku adjust la skit2. kalau perhatikan betul2 memang nampak sangat beads tengah tu senget. Huhu itu namanya aku dah penat nak tanggalkan dan susun elok2 balik.
Aku redho je, asalkan tak nampak sangat dari jauh. huhu

Okay ni full version, aku padankan cape blouse ni dengan skirt warna pink.
Cantik tak?

Cakap cantik cepat.....
Teheee =D

Thank you for reading this entry =)

My DIY sampul raya!!!


Just a quick updates.
Ive been doing a DIY projects during ramadhan. In my previous post, i have done a diy raya shoes. I make over my last year wedges which is very plain to a gorgeous beaded wedges. Huhu

So here a pictures of my diy sampul raya looks like
Front view

Back view

side view

 At first I want to make a dozen of these sampul raya with variety of design. But.... i end up doing only two. huhu tak larat sangat.
so these two were given to the most beloved sister in my life. I hope they are happy with their Raya packets =)
Woot woot dont get me wrong, these packets are filled. I wont give them empty packets....

Like malay said,
Tangan yang memberi lebih baik daripada tangan yang menerima

Thank you for reading this entry =)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

DIY Raya Shoes Project 1.0


Yuhuu hari raya dah nak dekat, so aku dengan rajinnya buat DIY untuk kasut raya aku tahun ni. Memandangkan bulan Ramadhan ni aku free tanpa apa-apa komitment, maka aku terdetik untuk menghias kasut raya aku tahun lepas dengan beads.

Well aku memang jarang pakai wedges/heels, so wedges yang aku beli ni pun sebab aku terpikat dengan keselesaan dia. So why not aku spend duit untuk something that is last longer and comfortable kann.

So here how it goes, firstly aku ke GM klang and beli a few beads dekat kedai accessory level 2 depan escalator. Tapi silap aku jugak lah tak google dulu nak buat design macam mana dekat kasut aku tu.

Then bila aku dah google ada a few bentuk beads yang aku tak ada. So aku gigihkan diri untuk ke Kenanga Wholesale City. Ini adalah first time aku ke sana. Rupanya senang je untuk ke sana.

Naik monorel ataupun LRT (ampang line/sri petaling line) dan turun ke stesen Hang Tuah. Dari stesen Hang Tuah tu ada sign board untuk ke KWC ni. Senang je. Very convenient =)

So inilah hasil DIY Raya shoes aku...tadaaa



At first aku ingat nak pakai tali untuk cantumkan beads tu, tapi tak sesuai dan susah nak bentuk. Then aku cuba untuk menjahit beads tu kat kasut, tapi ehemmm its not easy. 

So aku google and buat some research dekat youtube. Ada banyak jugak DIY shoes youtuber kongsikan dan hasil mereka sangat2 cantik. Dari situ aku dapat tahu kewujudan glue E6000 ni. Sangat interesting, sesuai untuk arts and craft dan boleh gamkan batu cystal swarovski dekat kasut jugak. Awesome kan.
Glue ni aku beli dekat kedai yang sama aku beli beads di KWC. Kedai accessory level 5 or 6 aku tak ingat. hehe

So inilah hasil karya aku, diinspirasikan daripada design-design kasut dari instagram @randa_pic. Tapi design ni memang aku bedal je and try susun ikut jenis kasut ni dan aku berjaya hasilkan design ni. Walaupun taklah cantik macam expert buat, tapi aku tetap suka dengan hasil titik peluh aku ni.

Alhamdulillah kasut raya tahun ni dah siap, bahan2 sangat mudah:
glue E6000
dan kasut


Di bawah ni aku share Video dari youtubers. Ini antara DIY shoes yang menarik bagi aku dan mungkin aku akan buat next project. DIY shoes project 2.0 maybe
My wedding shoes maybe?
Uhuk uhuk 


Thanks for reading this entry =)