Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dilemma : Internship

Don't look back 
because you will found out how silly you are

 Look forward for a brighter future
every decisions is in your hand
so decide wisely 
then you will not regret it

Mood: dilemma

what should i do? I've applied 6 company for internship but none of them gave me a good feedback..
Now i'm in dilemma..One of my friend is being accepted in food lab at kangar but he choose another company that is nearby to his my lecturer willingly change his name to mine... Everything went smoothly but here come the problems...
1. It will be on Ramadhan...Of course lah I want to fast with my families...I don't have to think what to buy or eat during sahur and berbuka...wehee =)

2. I don't hve any transportation to kangar.. I can't even ride a motorcycle..and I don't have any meh?? should I take a license?? 

3. Any house or room for rent?? I really need it since i'm living in hostel right now...

4. My parents are moving...If I'm not mistaken, it will be today..oh yeah IT IS TODAY.. and this time I get a room...huhu so i don't have to share with my i dont have time to go back home and decorate my room..kemas barang..baju2 and so on..

5. It will be 4 months I live in Perlis...4 months !!  Oh my..its too long..I can't bear with it..

6. My last paper is on 14th July..and the best part is my internship will be start on the day after which is 15th and ends the same time for semester break...
Last paper : 14 July
Internship : 15 July - 8 Sept
Next semester start on 9 Sept

Ohh so delicious =( 
no break for me..
should i extend another one semester just for internship or just accept to live in Perlis for the whole Ramadhan..
oh nooo :O 

Mood : tonight -->  Istikharah

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