Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ending my 2016 with IELTS test

Hello and Assalamualaikum guys,

Its almost the end of year 2016, it have been ups and down for me and I can't thank enough for all the lessons. To be honest I have never set a goals each year and i think i don't even need one. I think we should accept anything and stop complaining, just follow the flow and you will find where you will be in the future. I was wrong. Indeed I am a failure as a human being, a student, a daughter, a sister and a slave to The Almighty God.

I get it now, after gone through my 'dark time'. Its actually very important to set a goals in our life. As I can see goals will keep me on track, change the insurmountable mountains into a walkable hills, make me believe in myself and help me live life to the fullest. So 2017, Lets do this!

So I am planning to further my postgraduate level in United Kingdom. I think its everyone dreams to study abroad and I hope I get the chance to be there next year. There's a few goals that i listed for 2017, and studying in UK is one of it.

I have been accepted into three different universities which is University of Aberdeen, University of South Wales and University of Birmingham with a conditional offer. One of the requirements that i need to meet before accepting this offer is to achieve a good band score for English Language. So I decided to take an IELTS test. I need to be all out and do my best since the cost is about RM795.00 including GST. Its expensive! This is the main reason I need to study hard and meet their requirements band score.

I just had my speaking test yesterday and its so abysmal and i don't really want to talk about it. But I'd like to share my speaking test question with you guys. So here you go.

Part 1
1. Are u working or studying?
2. What kind of job u are doing?
3. Do you like to work in a group or alone?
4. Do you like singing?
5. Do you think people in your country is fond of singing?
6. Are advertisement been used widely in your country?
7. Will you buy any item by watching the advertisement in TV?
8. Do you think the advertisement work very well?

Part 2
Describe a situation that changed your life
You should say
-Who is involved?
-When it happened?
-Why it changed you life?

Part 3
1. Can u accept changes in your life?
2. What is social changes happened in your country?
3. How do you think younger generation and older generation react with social changes?
4. Will there be any changes in the future?
And maybe 7 or 8 more question. I'm sorry guys that's all I can remember for part 3. The examiner kept on interrupting me when i'm still talking to response the previous question. My brain is not fast enough to received the information and response immediately. I need time to think. But she kept on asking question over and over again acting like a police interrogation.

After the test, I bumped into a Chinese girl in the elevator and asking her about the test. She had the same situation with me. Been interrupted  She said it was different a few years ago, they didn't interrupt in part 3. The examiner will listen carefully until we conclude our response. I don't know whether only the two of us being treated that way or it goes the same with other candidates. Maybe they just changed the system in 2016 to test how fast generation Y's brain process the information and answer it without thinking deeply. I think I did my very best, so just pray for a better results. Leave the rest to god. Now its time to focus on my written test that will be on this Saturday. I'll share my experience with you guys later.

Thank you for reading this entry =)

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