Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eco Mall in Malaysia ?


Wow!!This is sooo beautiful (my first impression when I saw the mall)

That day I have to accompany my sister around Glenmarie due to her work project....
we couldn't find the location..our GPS getting crazy..and the map is so confusing to read...
so we just trial and error...

we enter the industrial area...I thought we lost again..but then...both of us..Wow!!
something more interesting than the project location..Its a unique building...

The exterior design is too beautiful and unique

huhu I loove it...sangat lah cantik

outside parking

Indoor parking
What is that? A shopping mall??
The 1st eco mall in Malaysia..
But then,
I were thinking..what does it mean..
aren't they using air-conditioner ??
But how ?
why it is located near an industrial area ??
who's the architect? its so unique..I love it

Can we stop by just for a minute??
Is it already open for public ?

whoa MBO cinema's available here??

I can't stop myself..I'm too curious about the mall...
At last, all my question was answered..
we went to them mall again yesterday...

Food Court

lengang best..tapi bila dah ramai nanti..hmmm ??

Its a giant fan
Well if you live around Bukit Jelutong you should stop by...a few store already open like Al-Ikhsan, Cool Blog, MBO Cinema, Spacewok (a food court)....huhu that's all I remember..

p/s :I plan to watch movies here before the parking fee is available...=P

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