Friday, June 5, 2009

This is me

Hello there, I'm 16 going to 17 this October.I'm in Form 5 right now and as usual all Form 5 students in this country(Malaysia) compulsory to participate in examination named SPM. 

It is the beginning of my life, your life, every teens out there. I'm nervous. Seriously I'm not really really ready yet to see the world and to be independent. At this age, it's old enough to be independent of one's parents. Yeah, I agreed with that because we can free, not dependent on other people and not controlled by parents.

 Of course I can hang out with my friends anywhere and anytime without any disturbance. No lecture from parents when I'm home. But first i really need to pass the exam with flying colours to achieve my dream, my career which is to be a photographer or a businesswomen. I hope that i will success in everything that i do.

Aku memang suka tengok permandangan mcm kat atas ni...It's natural. Cantik sangat n klu time waktu malam lg cantik kalau ada bulan penuh dihiasi dengan bintang-bintang yang berkelipan dan berkemungkinan besar ada buruj di langit. Aduhai, indah sungguh khazanah alam ciptaan tuhan Yang Maha Esa ini.

Hmm, actually skrang ni aku tgh try buat novel. Just try la, manela tau kot2 dpt diterbitkan. Tapi setakat ni aku still x habis buat chapter 1. Crita ni cerita cinta. Kiranya mcm cinta monyet lah sb watak dlm novel ni still students. Tak tahulah nak bg tajuk ape..Belum pikir lagi..


  1. bole kte jd pmbca pertma novel kmu 2!!hehe

  2. of course la boleh..i am so glad that u wanna read my novel..okay, nnty bile da siap kte email @2pon post kat awk k...