Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today I hangout with my frenz at Subang Parade. Actually we planned to watch one of our frenz performance something like musical for the Shop for your school competition...But, I miss it ..
Here the story begin..

Saturday is not holiday for me bcoz there is school. actually its kinda koko..ya, it is koko..i mean co-curriculum..

It was kinda fun today bcoz many students absent... So i can play handball which is I havent played it since I enter this game..
Owh YEAHHH today attandence is 15 over 50...Can u guys imagine it..HUUU..I was totally happy.. 2day is my 1st happeist day since Im in F5...Daaaaa...

Then around 2pm..we(my family) bertolak from our house to s.parade..but then my dad nak lunch dulu..I was just agreed with him bcoz the performance gonna start about 3pm..

after lunch, i pick E(one of my Frenz) then da sampai kat sana ssh plak nk cari parking...and my other frens plak msg and said "u miss it"...arggghhh...benci tol..but whatever...nk bwat mcm manakan..da x de rezeki..

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