Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beware IT Global Scammers

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

As Internet being the world best communication and make our lives easier, JUST remember there still a bad side of it....Scammers...Most of them from overseas like Nigeria and many of them try to cheat in Mudah...so just beware because my sister almost be the one of their victim...

Most of them would say they live in UK but they want to send the items to their relatives in Nigeria and give a postal address that doesn't exist...Then you will received an email from a bank saying that they have paid the money but somehow you need to pay several amount to the bank which is doesn't make sense...A bank wouldn't sent an email like that...So that's totally a scam..

Today I just received an email from Russia which is kind a suspicious..A single mom named Elena need a help to keep her family warm and really need a portable stove..since my sister had the scam incident just a few weeks ago..That reminds me to be EXTRA careful and don't easily trust people in this IT worldwide...

So i googled this Elena and I found a website that really interesting....the ELENA thing have been going on for 2 years with the same text ...for 2 years the "elena-crew' circling the same type of text to get our sympathy and some of them even received from elena's son named Valentin...

These are what I just received :

I am writing from Russia. My name is Elena, 35 years and I works in the city library.
This allowing me to access the Internet.

I having a little girl without a husband, because he left us a few years ago.

We are now living with my mother. Due to the extremely cold weather in our area, the heating system stopped working on our house.
Now we cannot heat our home and cannot cook.
The temperature in the bedroom is very cold, and we do not know what to do. We are very concerned.

Now we have to sleep in an old sleeping bag to keep warm, and we urgently need heating. So we need portable stove made of cast iron, which works with the fire and the wood,
because it is the only way for us now to get the heat, but we can not buy because they are too expensive for our family (around $ 285), but my salary is very low.

If you have any old portable stove with fire and wood processing, and if you are not using it, I hope you will give us a gift to us
and send us quickly.

I hope your answer will give you our address.


This is totally scam....so everyone please alert with these type of message....

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