Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tips for student


Read! In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, who created. Created man out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood: proclaim! And thy Lord Is Most Beautiful. He who tought (the use of) the Pen. Taught man that Which he knew not.
( Al-'Alaq : verses 1 - 5 )

Okay here are some tips for you guys on how to be the best student ever..

Firstly we must strong believe in Allah's assurances....For those who are hard working would be granted Allah's assistance and blessings...You guys must have heard these quote.."Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win"...We should try our best and don't give up before you try...For me, that person are LOSER...Why??? You know the answer..

Secondly, love your parents and never forget their deeds...With Allah's will and through our parents, we were born to this world and they are willing to sacrifice their energy, belongings and time for our sake..
Even thought they yell at us..we shouldn't shout at them back..there must be a reason why they mad at us..we should ask forgiveness to doesn't matter you are right or wrong...they are our parents..we should protect them like they protect us..

Thirdly, always massaging your fingers..It helps to stimulate your brain to become active and healthy..It also ease the blood flow especially to your brain...Try to practice when you are free..InsyaAllah you will be more healthier and intelligent...

Lastly, do not blow out wind too much or too long because it will make you should avoid blow balloons, fire and hot food as it will weaken our memory..

Soo lets try it now..

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