Monday, December 19, 2011

Tersedu sedan lah pulak hari ni

Assalamu'alaikum you guys yang HEBAT!!!


everyone have been in this situation..excluding me(alien mane pulak ni yang tak pernah sedu)
well today i've been hiccup more than 3 times..can you imagine dari pagi sampai malam...
I was hic..hic..macam tak cukup nafas...

But alhamdulillah after I googled I found a blog...
with a post tittle..PETUA MENGHILANGKAN SEDU..

This is how it works:
firstly take a very very very deep breath and hold your breath..
At the same time swallow your saliva...then get a H2O(water)..

and definitely I tried those 'petua' and it really work..
I was like..whoa!! miracle there's no more hic..hic..hic..

so you guys yang HEBAT-HEBAT belaka ni can view the blog for more information...Check it out HERE

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